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BigDogsWang | 12:47 Fri 18th May 2007 | Film
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At long last these two jewels of the big screen are going to work together to make a whole film. And what's the plot going to be???? They play two investigators hunting a serial killer.

How original......

It was either that or they play Mobsters.

An opportunity wasted in my opinion. What kind of plot would AB film buffs like to see these two really get their teeth into?


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A remake of the Odd Couple, with De Niro as the anal one and Pacino as the slob.
Question Author
Like it.
what do you mean "at last". Pacino and De Niro been in films to gether before - Heat, Godfather 2
In the Godfather they never acted together, and in Heat they shared one scene. BigDog is saying this will be a whole film where they properly co-star throughout.
A prospect to savour with any plot I reckon.
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Precisely. And my point is why does the plot need to revolve around such over used subjects such as Detective & Mobster movies?
because thats what they are associated with most ?

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Pacino / De Niro

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