Jack Warner and 'a seaside murder story'

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LEESON | 20:09 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Film
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I once saw a B&W film starring the British actor, Jack Warner, which was set in a seaside town on the south coast of England, perhaps around the early 50s.

Anyone know of this movie, its title, and if it has become available on DVD?


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It's from 1947 so may be a little early, but possibly...

'Holiday Camp'

I bought Holiday Camp on DVD from ebay a few months ago . It was a copy , (legal as the film is very old)but perfectly watchable . Its one of a series of films about a family called the Huggetts. The Huggetts started life as a radio programme.
The film you are thinking of is ''JIGSAW'' made in 1962 where he played the role of Detective-Inspector Fred Fellows investigating the rather gruesome (implied on screen rather than shown) murder of a young woman. It is a cracking little thriller and much-deserving of wider recognition than it has had up to now. If only it was shown on telly as often as some much worse films with vastly bigger budgets. As far as I am aware it is not available on DVD or Video more is the pity.
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Thanks OSPREY - good info - share your regret that JIGSAW is not available on DVD/video or even on television! MERCI

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Jack Warner and 'a seaside murder story'

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