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Peppermint | 10:32 Tue 24th Apr 2007 | Film
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Im afraid I dont really have a lot to go on in the way of clues - but are there any foriegn film buffs out there who could help me find the title of this film.

The film is either Spanish or Portuguese possibly made post mid 90s and is the story of a working class family seen through the eyes of the chubby bespectacled son. The father is either a truck driver or a dustbin man and they live in an inner city apartment. The mother appears permanently harrassed.

It is a gentle film in style - more Roberto Benigni than Almodovar - Im afraid that is all I have to go on other than the boy may have possibly been wearing a striped t-shirt most of the time!


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Could be "Manolito Gafotas" (1999)

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Thank you gettinblurry,

Thats the one!

You are a star!

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