Captain Phillips With Tom Hanks Netflix. Anyone Seen It?

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ladybirder | 22:00 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Film
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I'm watching it for the second night running. Probably first time ever for me to do that with any film. It's based on a true story and it's riveting.


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00:10 Sun 26th Sep 2021
But the real Captain Phillips was a coward. Google it.
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I don't need to google it I already know. It is only "based" on a true story, as I said.
It's still a brilliant film, riveting, in its own right.
Yeah the first scene where they are refloating the boat, the extras are speaking arabic

and I thought this is gonna be good - thereafter it is in somali and I couldnt understand a word - - er Tom Hanks doesnt do somali either

As Hollywood dwaymer - it is not bad, good American dough boy ( Tom Hanks that is!) does good.

But I think there was an insurance case where the underwriter sought to blame Hanko - after the first feint he sbbould have struck out to sea ( gassed them, shot their arrisses off , initiated a thermo nuclear reaction or some such)
self submitted....

and It Would Never have Happened. Insurance claim was multi million moolah ( of course )
one another voyage soon after ( Hanko back in Hollywood) the two marines ( security guards, they all have two or three armed) - - poison themselves with heroin
Like you cant miss it - they are dead....

so hollywood comes to gulfa hormuz in standard fashion
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I was wishing I had never posted this until I saw your response Chris. Thank you and BA whether you want it or not;-)
Great film. Usual comments from PP. Did not read them all, gives me a headache.
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Yes it was a great film Sparkly.
Best thing to do re pp.
good film, usual drivel from TOVI.

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Captain Phillips With Tom Hanks Netflix. Anyone Seen It?

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