Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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rowanwitch | 15:57 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Film
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What a superb Film.
Best Film at the Golden Globes Awards
Frances McDormand- Best Actress
Sam Rockwell-Best Supporting Actor
Martin McDonagh-Best Screenplay. He also Directs the Film.
Well deserved, and should be one of the front runners for the Oscars on March 4th.
It's a compelling Crime/Drama, and although it has violence and bad language it is not excessive and sits well within the context of the film.
Really recommend early viewing so when the Oscars come out you can say you were ahead of the pack


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You forget to mention that it is a black comedy of sorts, rowan. A tad Fargo-esque in execution.
it looks good, i've been mulling over this one
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Thanks for that Ken.
Yes very Fargo-esque.
Stop mulling, Go, just your sense of humour....
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Forgot to mention the soundtrack by Composer Carter Burwell, which was nominated for a Golden Globe award.
Here is a sampler by Townes Van Zandt....

We went last night and enjoyed it, Rowanwitch especially the performances from the lead actors . I found it uncomfortable in places but that's the idea. I loved the music too . But I do have a few critisms of the writing and for that reason, I would have to knock one star from my rating of the film. 4/5 for letting someone get away with blasting the police station in that way(!) and not following that storyline just rebuild and get on! Also, for tokenism in some of the character placing eg black police chief sent in, dwarf character placed in the right place at the right time, but most frustrating of all, was the ending. SPOILER Alert

Was the guy in the bar the culprit and protected by the military, or just a travelling rapist? If so why return to this small town in Missouri from Idaho each time he has home leave?

What did anyone else make of the storyline?
i have a friend who went to see this, expect good reports from it tomorrow when she comes round.
Great movie. Sam Rockwell always worth watching.
dwarf character placed in the right place at the right time

that's important. Proper use of dwarves is significant

I was dragged off to see this a few weeks ago. Not my kind of thing and I only went because I get 1/2 price cinema tickets through work. It took me a while to realise that it was supposed to be funny but I did like the fact that is was refreshingly non PC
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Spot on snags, it's a great Film.
Modern day Classic.
A Film to see before you die....

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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