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shiznit | 11:48 Sat 13th Apr 2013 | Film
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Does anyone know what the piece of music used on this?



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Is it a film or TV programme, and if TV which channel is it, shiznit?
Is it classical music?
Could you find clip of it on youtube we could listen to?
This one ?
If it is the one Mass-Hysteria found, according to one of the comments underneath:
"The track is in the album Quantum by Immediate Music, I found this on the matter:
"Please note that this isn’t a public album and that it was only released to professionals; in other words, it isn’t available to fans."
As this seems to have been answered just to butt in and say Factor you're back to your smiley face!!
They are a specialist Trailer Music Composition company, although they have publicly released some compositions on Albums
Yes, yogasun- wolf63 said she preferred it. I may change it again if the sun disappears from the sky though
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Its Tom Cruise's new film, there are pop ups for it all over AB. Im stumped though, can't find a version online that they are showing on TV at the moment. Tried Shazam last night but no joy. Its an instrumental piece but not classical, more along the lines of Air or Zero 7
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Whoops just seen all the answers when page reloaded
Sorry shiznit just to say that's good Factor as I find it cheery...but then I'm not given to being 'fed up, fed up' ;-)
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......and now I have heard it again it sounds nothing like Air or Zero 7, thanks for the answers everyone
saw the movie yesterday

enjoyed it
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The ad music is Outro by M83 if anyone is interested, its been used on loads of ads now, including Cloud Atlas

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Uk Oblivion Trailer

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