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trish1234567 | 19:07 Sat 29th Dec 2012 | Film
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Have just re-watched “The Birds” (which I recorded over the holiday) years after I first saw it. Can't believe I thought it was good first time round. What an unbelievably stupid film it was. I just laughed the whole way through:-

1. Firstly, the whole silly story of buying the pair of love birds, delivering them in person – by rowing boat - dressed in a fur coat , tight skirt & high heels, etc., etc.
2. The further silly story of her 'staying for the weekend'. Was she by any chance trying to make Rod Taylor notice her?
3. Tippi Hedren tells the school teacher “we have to get the children out of the school", thus causing all the children to be attacked.
4. Luckily only one person in the film seems to have got his eyes gouged out.
5. Lastly, why would she go upstairs and enter the attic room, thus ensuring that she would be attacked – and obviously have to be saved by Rod Taylor?

Thank goodness they don't make them like that any more!


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It was of its time.

Thought the very same. What a ridiculous film.
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Yes - it was good at that time and it's easy to pick holes in old films.

However, it was the storyline that seemed silly but then, the story line was the film!
"Thank goodness they don't make them like that any more!"

They don't? They do!
Yes I think Hitchcock must have been on some weird substances when that came out. I've watched it once just to see what it's about and it was a pile of unadulterated sh1te! Maybe Iv'e missed the message somewhere!
Most of the recent American big blockbuster films I have seen in the last few years have had implausible storylines that you could drive a bus through.

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Film "the Birds"

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