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Flyhalf | 23:15 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Film
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Which existing sequels/prequels do you think I'll-advised,
and which films could do with a prequel to explain a main character's actions, or sequel to round up losse ends?
Only one sequel gets me worked up - in fact there were two - but as the original is a French cult film, I'm hoping many of you will be familiar with it. It is "Les Ripoux", dir. Claude Zidi, starring the magnificent Phillipe Noiret and Thierry Lhermitte (regrettably he appears wooden in English language films).
The first follow-up, Ripoux contre Ripoux was bad enough, but Ripoux3 really creaks along.


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I don't like prequels, they are just jumping on the bandwagon of a successful film or book - if the original author didn't think the story should have started earlier, why should someone else override that?
Blair Witch 2 was awful. They should have stuck whilst they were ahead.
Loved Jeepers Creepers and the follow up. Think they could easily do a third and keep hoping they will.
Godfather 2 was considered better than the original.
Blimey! Les Ripoux! You're making me feel really old now. I was living in France when that first came out. Great film!
"Blair Witch 2 was awful. They should have stuck whilst they were ahead."

Were they ever ahead?!
''Think they could easily do a third and keep hoping they will''

I hope they don't... I don't support child molesting scum.
Apparently there is a film out later this year The Bourne Legacy, "based" on the book of the same name, written after the death of Robert Ludlam, by Eric von Lustbader. How many will expect it to be a Jason Bourne film? The character Jason Bourne isn't even in the film so how it can be loosely based on The Bourne Legacy? The films never followed the books, but at least had the eponymous character in them!
As far as prequels go the Star Wars ones were watch-able but no way near as good as the originals. George Lucas' idea of picking up a book and reading it from half way through was interesting 'Star Wars' Chapter IV (a new hope) worked and maybe should have left it at that.
As I have discussed on another thread with Arksided Aliens was a top notch film.

Godfather 3 should never have been made. Most sequels, made in good time have there merits. Its the re-imaginings that get me.

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Sequels and prequels

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