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Old Salt | 12:55 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Film
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Went to the cinema to see the early release. Felt I missed quite a bit, so I bought the DVD.

Just finished watching the DVD with Mrs OS, and we both 'feel' some of the scenes in the film, did not get onto the DVD. May be upwards of 15 minutes missing.

Is that possible? How can I make sure the DVD copy is the same as the film?

Would appreciate some advice.

Old Salt


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If you check here, the runtime is 127 minutes.

What does the DVD jacket say ?

I saw it at the cinema, and on DVD.

I didn't notice any bits missing.

My DVD says feature time 122 mins.
Few films have one standard length.

Often a film may have parts cut out for different countries, making it a different length in each country.

Sometimes a studio will edit a film if they are not happy with the directors cut, there may be one version for DVD, another for TV and so on.

Sometimes a studio may cut some "racy" or violent scenes to get a lower rating on DVD than it would have got at the cinema.

Sometimes a studio may even ADD (or even flim) extra scenes if they are not happy with the directors cut. I believe this happened with the Terry Gilliam film Brazil where the studio filmed a whole new "happy" ending as they were not happy with the original "sad" ending.
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Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs,

Thanks Vicasso,

Runtime on sleeve is 122 minutes, so 5 mins adrift. I was very annoyed at how many adverts and miscellaneous non-film bits were at the beginning - they seemed to go on forever.

Thanks VHG,

I never new that

Hi joggerjanye,

If you're right, then I better start watching more closely and take notes.

Thanks for the reply

Old Salt
I still wonder about the end.


Prideaux aims his sniper rifle at Haydon. Then he lowers his rifle. Has he changed his mind? Then Haydon is shot. Was it Prideaux? Or not? We don't cut back to find out who actually killed Haydon.
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Just another reason why I got the DVD, joggerjayne

I just couldn't concentrate in the cinema, as the sound was so loud it was painful; and it really has severely aggravated my tinnitus.

But, I seem to have raised even more questions, in my mind, with the DVD.

Thanks for the reply

Old Salt
Read the book.

My take on it was that Prideaux paused for a second to reminisce on the times he'd spent with his close friend Haydon, who in turn realised that Prideaux was basically giving him the coup de grace for his betrayal, which he knew he deserved.
The studios have a number of different versions, ie the directors cut etc. There are also different versions sometimes released for 'tv' showings.

If you like the film however- try the orignal staring Sir Alec G. Orignally screened on TV in the early 80's its available on DVD for about£8. Its much more indepth - much more closer to the book. A great piece of TV!!

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