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T&S | 13:52 Wed 02nd Nov 2011 | Film
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Very good movie...highly recommended.


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Really looking forward to seeing it. It has had some bad reviews from critics, but who takes any notice of them!!
Not really my thing.

I'll wait for the next Twilight movie in a couple of weeks.
I have a link with Tintin so am fond of him.
Lottie ... he's not a real person.

You can't be related to a cartoon character.
I really want to see this... but the boy isn't interested. Will probably have to wait for the dvd.

As for the new Twilight film, JJ.... Eeeeeeeeek!
Why, flip?

Too scary ??
No... too sh!te ;-p
Stop it, snags.

The Twilight series have been fantastic.
Scary? *Gigglesplurt*. It's target audience is 12 years old, right?
Don't know, flip.

I think they're really good. I'll be there in a couple of weeks, with my jumbo popcorn.
Jayne, I typed the French to English translation for 'The Cigars of the Pharoah'. Before computers and I had to type a lot of it in little speech bubbles. I worked for a lady called Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper who was one of the translators of all the Tintin books. Hence my fondness or Tintin!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? ....And do you have the obligatory t-shirt? :D
I got my sister a "Team Edward" one. She's late 30's..... Haha.
That's a pretty special claim to fame LL!
twilight series is broccoli and the book were pants too
LOL China Doll. The lady concerned was also a very high ranking person at Bletchley Park during the war. She was the Director of Publishing at the Open University in it's formative years and I was her P.A.
Golly, Lottie ... how fab.

Do you have original copies, and things like that?

fluffy ... you are wrong ... sooooo wrong.

(smiley face)
Jayne, I just have a first edition copy of Cigars with a personal note from her thanking me in it.

However, that article I posted mentions Cigars being translated in 2004 and I am puzzled. It was 1971 when I typed the translation.
Don't fancy this at all to be honest. Nothing wrong with Tintin as such, it's just not my thing. Glad all who have enjoyed it did though.

Have neither read nor watched Twilight. IMO vampires are the undead and should be scarey, not sexy.
LL there was a wonderful programme on the other evening, fronted by
Frank Gardner, not sure that's the correct spelling, but i believe he is/was a newsman, but had some sort of accident and is now wheelchair bound.
He is a devotee of Tintin and interviewed the lady you mentioned, quite extraordinary, and a very charming documentary

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