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curlyperm | 16:45 Thu 11th Jan 2007 | Celebrity Gossip
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in the affluent town where i live ; P you tend to 'see' what i call 'proper' celebrities knocking about example: this morning in my local Booths//Waitrose Cafe i saw Betty (hot-pot) Driver !!!!! i can sense your all thinking Wow!........... wish we lived near you Curly, and ALSO filling up HER VERY OWN CAR was Blanche (Diedre's Mum) at my local petrol station!! (ooooooh check me out!)
Now if you think you can better this (be truthful now) i would llke to know, oh and with regard to Betty Driver................................miserable grumpy old bag!!


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Oh I forgot Chris Tarrant was sitting behind us on a flight to Canada (he was allegedly - pants I can't spell that) going 'fishing'!!!!!!!!!!!

Couple of others I've seen through work in the past are

Nigel Benn, Alexi Sayle, Jimmy Nail (nicest person ever), David Jason, Cliffy the Richard, Joan Plowright, The Oxo Mum (can't remember her name) Linda something Bellingham??, Alexander O'Neal, Martin Jarvis, John Faschnu (horrible git), Paul Ross.
Minds blank now come back if I remember any others.
I should point out I defo didn't work in a brothel - woud've been a wierd one with that lot in though!!!

Oooh yes, forgot about Lembit Opik and Neil and Christine Hamilton.

Was doing some charity collecting outside a debate they were at and they came to talk to us.
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Blimey................i feel embaressed to even have mentioned Blanche and Betty now ive seen this lot lol er i was once on a flight to Sweden and the one without the beard was on with his son? Jim Macdonald gave me a two fingered salute in Wilmslow when i refused to let him out in his 4x4, and many many years ago Dick Madeley nearly ran me over in his Ford capri on Cross street Manchester!!
When i was 12 i worked on a veg stall on Bury market, and Bet Lynche asked me for 5lb of potatoes.
There...............that looks a bit healthier lol
my ex s sister was quite well off and lived outside london,we went and stayed with her at her "club"in the centre of london once ,and madonna and rocco where stayin there too-in their own private quarters but we actually stood next to them while checking in,shes very small ! Also i live in the town where top group Kasabian came ive been told.
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thanks to everyone for their answers, enjoyed reading them xx
I've heard that before about Betty Driver.

Hubby once met the late Doris Speed, and said she was lovely. Spent lots of time talking to people. Apparently Lucy, her grandaughter, is just as gracious in public.

When I was at school, the band Showaddywaddy used to frequent a music shop down the road from school, and we'd often see them in the street. Dave Bartram once said 'hello ladies' to my friend and me, and Romeo Challenger nearly ran us over once, 'cause we crossed a side-street just as he was pulling out.

I'm hoping to meet them both in a few months at a charity concert, and I intend to have serious words with Mr Challenger about his nearly killing us!
Meant to say I've also met lots of celebs through hubby's job - Su Pollard, Jenni Eclair, Linda Robson, Dilly Keene, Mark Little (he's lovely), Crosby & Nash, The Proclaimers, Phil Jupitus (he's lovely too), Ade Edmondson, The Blockheads, Jose Gonzales, Vashti Bunyan, Chumbawumba, Keane ... - but I guess they don't count for this thread, do they?

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