What does Silk mean?

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tiggerblue10 | 10:51 Wed 02nd Mar 2011 | Law
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I've tried googling it but it just comes up with the material and worm. I would like to know what the legal term "Silk" means.



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ask barmaid.....I think it is when a barrister becomes a QC

Not sure though.

There you go, tiggs...........:o)
Question Author
Thanks Sqad and JTH :o)

Just wikied QC and it refers to the silk gowns worn by them.
Question Author
Excuse my thickness! Lol
tiggy....are you watching the TV series "Silk?"
Question Author
How on Earth did you guess that Sqad ;o)
he's peeping through your window, right now!
Question Author
Well if he is he'll be very disappointed Mick!
tiggy....LOL....the barrister(female) is the one that was in the "Mistresses" who kept referring to her partner as Richaaaaaaaaaard.

Couldn´t stand the bloody woman and can´t in Silk.....always rushing about, panicking, dishevelled and disorganised.
^ Incorrect, sqad..........I'm afraid.

Maxine Peake must have irritated you in something else as she has never been in Mistresses.
she looks very much like the actress who plays Trudi though
Question Author
Think you're confusing her with Sharon Small Sqad. There is a definite resemblance though so not surprised.
Question Author
Maxine Peake was in Clocking Off and Shameless. Loads of other stuff too. I think she's brilliant.
Orla Brady played the barrister in Mistresses.............not much resemblance, at all.
JTH I wasnt talking about the barrister in Mistresses.
Sqad...watching mistresses ...? TOTALLY out of character...LOL....
to be fair, sqad has had that many 'Mistresses' he can be excused for getting confused.
Ah, I mistake in misidentifying your mistake...............
Mick, I don't think Rosie Thumb and her four sisters really count as mistresses.

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