What meats are illegal to eat in the uk?

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Freudanslip | 13:28 Tue 28th Dec 2010 | Law
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Apart from human flesh which is the obvious one which meats are prohibited by law to eat here~?


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One is not allowed to hunt swan (is that a meat) as I believe it belongs to the crown, but guess they can eat it.
I don't think 'bushmeat' is illegal to eat...just illegal to import.
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Is horses and donkeys legal to consume?
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I think so...aren't they put into dog food?
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I mean for human consumption.
is this a "what to have for lunch" thread?
I was once given samples of kangaroo and crocodile jerky that someone had brought back from Australia. I was told they were illegal in the UK.
mmm, also what about cats or dogs?
(sorry to ask another Q on your thread Freudanslip)
Sawns don't all belong to the crown.

I think they are legal to eat.

NazNomad might be the one to ask...he said horse was lovely.
Kangaroo and crodocile aren`t illegal in the UK. I remember several years ago, the supermarkets went through a stage of selling them. However, anyone who goes abroad and brings meat products back into the UK is breaking the law.
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Saxyjag I'm pretty sure Crocs and kangeroo meat are legal here as some butchers stock them and a person cooked them once on the program Come dine with me.
Rasman ask away.
I read recently that it is legal to eat cat and dog in this country - I will try and find out where I read that.

It is a cultural thing - we are brought up to see some animals as friends and companions and some as food.
That's probably what they meant, then. Very tasty, though.
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Saxyjag what was the consistency and taste like of both of them and don't say chicken!
I had kangaroo for Christmas Lunch.........skippy-licious !

I made a Freud(i)an slip, too.............I thought chuck was saying that 'swans don't all belong to the clown' !
Fancy ! :o)
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I had a Kangaroo burger at Glastonbury. I didn't like it....but it could be bad cooking skills :-(

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What meats are illegal to eat in the uk?

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