Ground Rent in Northern Ireland

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spotit3 | 18:43 Sun 07th Nov 2010 | Law
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I live in a detached bungalow and am charged £30 quarterly for ground rent. Some-one told me you don't legally have to pay this and just to ignore the bills I get but I would like to lnow the correct legal position on this.


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it is against the law not to pay your ground rent
It is obviously a leasehold property then.

I suppose in theory you could stop paying it and see what happens? If a management compnay are involved the bill could escalate rapidly through extra charges. Then they could sue through the small claims court.
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Thanks everybody. Reckon I will just have to pay it! I thought there might have bben some way of making a one-off payment.
That is too much - £120 per year. Someone's chancing their arm. Mine is £6 per year and I don't pay it. Ask them for proof of claim and how the charge is worked out.
I have received bill from my developer for last 6 months (bought new apartment 18 months go).

Bill looks weird: there isnt even my name on it!

Anyway £75 plus £250 arrears!

I think ground rent at level of £150 annually for small apartment several miles from city center is just misunderstanding. Where to seek help?

Any idea why I haven't received any bills for last 1.5 year?
Is it paid to developer or Land registry?

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Ground Rent in Northern Ireland

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