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sherrardk | 22:15 Fri 16th Jul 2010 | Law
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What forms do harassment/intimidation take? (It's not an essay question - I just want to know if I am being overly 'sensitive'). Thanks


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There are no statutory definitions of the types of actions which amount to 'harassment'. If the matter arrives before a court, the court must apply the test of asking whether a 'reasonable person' would regard the course of actions as harassment.

The law says that it's harassment if . . .
"the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other".

in my opinion (nothing legal here) I'd say it's not what they do/say, it's how it makes you feel.
is that you Joeluke?
are sherrardk?
Mick, joeluke has gone to lie down in a darkened room.
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are sherrardk what?

Sara3 - it is making me sick with nerves, I am constantly 'twitchy', if the dog barks I nearly have heart failure!
oh, just ignore Mick!

want to talk about it, sherrard?
care to share sherrardk?
what is making you twitchy?
Oh Sherrardk, are you ok? what's bothering you....................
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We currently rent our hovel from Mrs x, Mrs X's son-in-law was in business with my husband. He ripped us off (emptied the show room, took everything and the order book and van, etc). Just before this happened we were told they were selling the house we live in. She is now parking opposite and sitting in her car looking over, giving me 'evils' at nursery, sending letters asking for stuff from the shop (a welsh dresser that the son-in-law over-looked). She came to the house (to have a go at me) but my husband came home unexpectedly (I was so please to see him). This all happened just after both my mother and grandfather died (suddenly) so, obviously, I wasn't on top form. We have somewhere else to go at the end of the month but it is just so horrible (she is really intimidating - and I used to teach in a big secondary so I don't scare easily).
well legally, if the son in law stole your stuff you could report it to the police.

can you face the mother and ask her what her problem is? otherwise, just don't rise to it. you'll be out of there soon enough, and hopefully never see them again.
I think you are being harassed sherrardk, similar thing happened to me many years ago, I called the police every time it happened, my ex landlady was also evil, she used to turn off my electricity supply in the evening for hours on end, she had to back off in the end! when she tried to evict me because she wanted to sell the house, and didn't want to wait for me to find somewhere else, I went to court, and was backed up by the polices statements that I was being harassed by her, she had to wait my time! Don't allow yourself to be intimidated in this way..............get some help!...........
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Hi sara - my (stupid) husband was in partnership with his friend and it all went t*ts up without a partnership agreement and it is not a criminal matter (apparently!). The mother-in-law is well disliked in the area and very intimidating and I am not prepared to get into a 'discussion' with her when I am with my children (which I always am). We will be out of here soon but I just know it is not going to stop when we leave (it is a very small place) - but I am fortunate that my friends are usually around (school gates, nursery pick-ups, etc) so I always have so 'back-up' - just worried that she will do something between now and the end of the month (when we move - yeah!).
she sounds bloody awful!

maybe you need some legal advice. I thought she'd be happy just to get her house back but if you think it's not going to end there, perhaps you need to do something.
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Hi Welsh - thanks for your answer. She has really knocked my confidence - it is like Alcatraz here at the moment, I have to put the kids inthe car, lock and bolt the front door and then go out of the back door (had to change that lock because it broke). I have stopped hiding the laptop and personal letters under my daughter's quilt though!
sherrardk-- you are having a really bad time at the mo , but like you I taught in a secondary school .If you can do that then you are a really strong person , so try if you can to rise above this mess. It will not be long before you move and in that I wish you all the best.

Try if you can to put this evil person out of your mind.What has happened is done with , you and your husband unite and you will be ten times as strong.
If this woman has nothing better to do than sit outside your house all day, then she is a really sad case.
If the weather is good , go and sit in your back garden with a glass of wine and chill out whilst she sweats it out in her car.Keep repeating the mantra "b*ll*cks to you lady"
and you will feel a great deal better.Trust me -- it works. All the very best Brenda.
Sherrardk, you need to get the harrassment documented! so when she hangs around by your house, or says things to you, make sure you call the police, or at least have witnesses, then you have a chance of stopping her!...............
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Thanks everyone - my husband works long hours and it is quite isolated where we live so it is really easy to get paranoid (plus my family dropping like flies has made me feel a bit 'odd') - usually I would be all fired up to have a go but all the stuffing has been knocked out of me. Roll on August 1 - when we move out!!!!
I'll make a voodoo doll.... ;o)
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Cheers Sara - she is quite plump and has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp if that helps!
I'll use lots of plasticine, and pummel the face ;o)

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