Drug Law in Amsterdam changing?

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willchr2004 | 04:12 Sun 27th Jun 2010 | Law
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My girlfriend was at a party with some guy who was bragging about his drug exploits in Amsterdam, telling me that only a few months back he was smoking weed in a coffee shop (wow, big woop, massive lad). I could have sworn that the law has changed and only nationals are allowed to smoke weed/prostitutes etc...? Has it changed or is it going to change? Id love to shut that chump up but I have a feeling he may be right?



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i read something in the papers acouple of years back saying the same as what you have heard but there was a lot of opposition ?
seems you are still ok at some places

this is filmed by a dutch tv crew
How do you smoke a prostitute?
slowly wirh black pepper :)
I was there a couple of months ago and it seemed to me there was far more smoking going on than ever, and more obviously; some streets reeked of it. No idea about prostitutes, but I never heard of a country that barred foreigners from using them.
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that youtube video makes me sick...that guy: wer not like other english people, wer just trying to have your exactly like other english people then?
And these youngsters are Englands future ,ÓMG The British fallen are turning in their graves!
willchr2004 i think he was trying to say , we will not be smacking a bottle over someones head we just want to have fun. got to any large city or town on a friday or saturday night and see what happens.

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Drug Law in Amsterdam changing?

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