Reducing addict mothers contact with child

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jedimistress | 22:27 Mon 19th Apr 2010 | Law
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Hi. I have custody of my 5 year old neice. (Special Guardianship Order). There is no contact order in place, but contact is currently supervised fortnightly. Mum has failed to show on about 5 occassions in the last year and has more recently been arriving under the influence of heroin.

I want to reduce the contact to once every 2 months. I would like to write to her to tell her this, so sbhe has it in writing. I wonder if there is anything I should avoid saying. I am going to give notice of my intention to reduce contact and state 2 reasons why. The unreliabilty and the frequency of her being under the influence. Should I put in as much or as little information as possible? Just in case she takes it to her solicitor, I don't want to give them any ammunition in writing.

Any pointers much appreciated.


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I am no expert in this, but surely any variation in contact be reduced by the court, rather than you writing a personal letter about it? Forgive me if I am wrong but if she's going to a solicitor (or might) then surely so should you?
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There is no court order to say how much contact there is, so nothing to make a variation to. I have full parental responsibility and choose this in the best interest of the child. I feel it is best it is reduced but want to avoid any glaring mistakes in going about it.

I would see a solicitor but I don't get Legal Aid and cannot afford it. It is a lot easier for my sister to see a solicitor whenever she wants to as she has never worked.
Do you have a social worker who could help?
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Thank you. Yes I have a Post Adoption Social worker who always did recomended every second month. I wrote to her today, am just waiting for her response. It's tricky with family.
I admire you for taking on the care of your niece - it can't be easy. Hope everything goes ok.
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Thank you.

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Reducing addict mothers contact with child

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