3rd time lucky on the Is it legal to sell cars from home?

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lizzydrippin | 19:23 Mon 19th Apr 2010 | Law
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Sorry, everything went pearshaped!
I was attempting to ask what the law is with regards to selling cars from a residential property? Thanks


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Everything is legal until such time as parliament (or, through bye-laws, a local authority) makes it illegal. Parliament has never enacted legislation banning the sale of cars from residential premises, so there's nothing SPECIFICALLY illegal about the activity.

However Parliament has passed legislation requiring people who want to change the use of premises (in this case, from 'residential' to 'residential + vehicle sales') to seek, and to obtain, planning permission for that change of use. Trading (rather than simply selling your own car) from residential premises requires planning permission, which local authorities will only rarely grant.

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Okay, I found the answer on another website and it seems that it is indeed against the law to have more than 2 cars that are parked within 500 metres of eachother on the same road and both advertizing that they're for sale.. Our neighbour has more than 3 for sale outside and they change from week to week. We have to park outside our neighbours on the other side cos there isn't enough space outside our own place. We don't make a fuss about it cos its not worth the hassle, but I was interested to know whether it was legal.
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Oh sorry Chris, I was already writing when you put your answer on, this is where I got the info from,,
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If you want a precise answer, ask a precise question! ;-)

You didn't state that the vehicles are parked on a public road. In London it's illegal for anyone (even a private individual) to display a 'For sale' sign on any car parked on the road:

However the legislation your secondary post refers to applies to the whole of England and Wales:

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well thats me told off! forgiveness begged for and I apologise for not being precise,
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3rd time lucky on the Is it legal to sell cars from home?

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