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jaycee401 | 13:39 Sat 20th Feb 2010 | Law
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my son is a car mechanic and has worked for thie garage for over 3 years, in ll this time there has never been toilet facilities for the 3 members of staff. There is a hand basin with hot and soap. The owner tends to use the sink to wee in. The lads have to go and pee out the back. Now he isof his work experiencing rectal bleeding from having to hold in the other bodily function.
They have asked several times for toilet facilities to be fitted but nothing has been done.
Also the boss is saying that although all the employees have been working there for over 3 years they are only entitled to 2 weeks holiday, is that right? Is there anything that can be done to demand toiet facilities. Thanks for any help or advice.


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I think Health & Safety at Work Act would have something to say about the lack of toilet facilities - but I am sure other ABs will be more experienced in this field than I am.
The boss is lying (assuming the staff are full time) about the holiday entitlement, look here:
I don't know anything about employment law, but that's a terrible way to treat your employees! I think your son should get some advice - maybe from Citizen's Advice Bureau, as they're free.
http://www.businessli...CES&itemId=1074470251 there should be a least one toilet
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thanks everybody, big help
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my son now thinks his boss may get round it by saying that they can use the toilet facilities in the building about 200 yds away, which belongs to someone else, although this guy would allow them to use it my son says its not very nice having to ask to use someone elses loo.
The last I heard regarding statutory holiday entitlement, everyone is entitled to 28 days holiday for full time 5 days per week or pro rata if part time. Bear in mind bank holidays can make up part of this holiday entitlement.

I think your sons employer is treating them apallingly. I hope he gets the situation sorted.
who does he work for Scrooges great grandson - this is terrible telling them to use a toilet so far away is ridiculous - call ACAS for confidential advice

And I agree with the holiday advice he is entitled to more - no discussion needed
he is completely wrong about the holidays, full stop! and he has to provide a toilet too.

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