i was turned down for a job i was told i had due to a CCJ i had?

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dave2222 | 11:56 Sun 07th Feb 2010 | Law
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I have recently being refused a job due to a CCJ i have. The job has nothing to do with money or managing money. Is this discrimination and if not how are you suppose get back on your feet if you cant get a job? I was told if the CCJ was less than £5000 i would have got the job but because its for £6000 they wont employ me.


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Sorry i thought it would be more suitable in the law section i dont come on here often i didnt see the law section yesterday.
as i told you yeaterday, yes t is discrimination, but it's not illegal for employers to discrimiate on these grounds when looking for employees
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Is that a fact or just your view.
it's a fact.

there are only discrimination laws in place that cover race, sex, age and disability, there is no overall discrimination law, if an employer decided they didn't want to employ people called Colin then it is clearly discrimination against Colins but there is nothing that could be done about it as no law has been broken.

in the same way, in the eyes of the law there is no such thing as discrimination based on CCJ's

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i was turned down for a job i was told i had due to a CCJ i had?

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