Neighbours alarm sounding - vacant for four months. What to do??

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york310 | 11:22 Sat 09th Jan 2010 | Law
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My Neighbours smoke alarm sounded yesterday yet the property has been vacant for four months. I contacted the fire service who arived promptly, looked through the windows and determined it was due to a fault. They never entered the building and didn't inform me of what I could do about the problem. I understand that noise issues are down to the councils environmental dept but they are closed until monday and it is very noisy in our house. Any suggestions of the best course of action. I have no contact details for the owners and nor have any of the neighbours. Any help/response would be appreciated.


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The house is a three storey with all doors closed. Of course I looked through the window to check and I actually called the non emergency police number to ask what to do and they contacted the fire service. Also the smoke alarm is connected to the mains with a battery back up so it will just continue to go on
Could you get details of the owners of the Land Registry site and try and trace them?
You could have broke into the house to check on all the other floors.

(What do you mean that would have seet the burglary alarm off?)
Is the house for sale? for rent? or are the owners away?
Even the fire service are only allowed to break in if they reasonably believe there is a fire inside the building.
Barmaid has a good suggestion but if the registered owner comes back at that same address, you've wasted £3 and your time.
Difficult one, I called out the police when I was worried about some previous neighbours, could hear water and damp patches had appeared on the outside of the house.

Managed to look through the window and the ceiling had collapsed due to the water. Managed to find another guy from up the road who knew how to turn their mains water off from the road.

We called the police as were worried no-one had seen the neighbours for a while and there was washing out in the back yard and their daughter's toys but the police said they couldn't do anything.

They came back a few weeks later and had to move out for about 6 months while the damage was fixed. It was impossible to trace them as turned out they were in a jungle in Nigeria!

Not sure if there is a way you can trip electrics externally without causing problems (esp if there is heating left on in case of pipes freezing etc...).

Was the property owner occupied or let? If let or it's been on the market, agents may have keys.

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Neighbours alarm sounding - vacant for four months. What to do??

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