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cassa333 | 20:07 Tue 15th Dec 2009 | Law
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I have just been reading a couple of q on someone opening someone elses post and wondered if this would be the same.

An ex employee (left over 6 months ago) had some goods delivered to the work place.

What should happen to the package?

Should it be sent back 'unknown at this address'? kept and opened after a period of time or sent else where?



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does anyone have the ex-employee's address? otherwise it should go back to whoever sent it.

there will be a bill that needs paying, probably with the work address on it.
Returned to sender, not known at this address.
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Again, its an offence to knowingly open someone elses post without a reasonable excuse (paraphrase).

An example of a 'reasonable excuse' would be to open the packet to find a return address to send the mail back to. However, in this instance it seems you know that address so just return it to sender.
Well in this case a reasonable excuse would be 'thought it was work related'. A company will normally have something in its conditions of employment allowing them to open any mail delivered to them.
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Thank you everyone.

I would have thought a reasonable excuse was they thought it was work related.

However what do they do if they find it isn't for work but a personal item they ordered and was sent to work place perhaps by mistake?
Reseal the item and post it back to sender (unless you have the current address of the ex-employee).
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That sems reasonable.

Mind you I would wonder why it was being sent to old work place and could a bill come at some point? If work sent it to the ex employee I suppose they would just send the bill on as well! That could get complicated though.
Most websites such as Amazon and ebay have a separate dispatch and invoice address. And most will only allow payment by card / paypal with a 'registered' address. And this is the address the credit card would be registered to.

So I'd have thought that you wouldn't recieve a bill for the item.

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