Hello, I've had an incident at work whereby someone has accused me of punching her. There were two other people present and they have both advised the police that they did not see me punch her (because i didn't).

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doris_stately | 23:40 Tue 10th Nov 2009 | Law
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Even though the two witnesses said they did not see me punch her the police have referred the case to the CPA - is this normal? Basically a case of work intimidation has been going on and I reported 3 members of staff to my managers - it was only after this that the person made the false allegation. She's 60 and my gut feeling was that she wanted to divert attention from my original complaint as this could result in gross misconduct and loss of job/pension. However having never been in trouble with the police not sure what is supposed to happen - if they have referred it to the CPA does this mean they think I did it? This has really been stressing me out. In my statement to the police I said that in my opinion this lady's action in involving the police was an extension of her intimidation and bullying. My formal complaint is being looked at by senior staff, but I still have to deal with the police thing and have had loads of time off work due to the stress - any thoughts?


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No i've not been arrested and i'm not on police bail I although made a taped statement to the police in the presence of a solicitor. No one else was present when I allegedly hit her and as far as i'm aware she has no indication in the way of bruises etc. And sorry yes I did mean the CPS
doris-stately: Just to confirm one of your question's, yes CPS referral is 'normal' and the police have to refer nearly all contested cases to the CPS for a decision and it certainly does not mean they think you are guilty.

Believe it or not, a lot of police work is dealing with rubbish and false allegations most of which cases are pretty obvious to any experienced officer or investigator. (main motives for false allegations include revenge and gaining tactical advantages in numerous situations).

In answer No 1, ahmskunnirt asked about a solictor and went onto ask ask what advice you were given. The reason you will see this question commonly asked is because the solicitor will usually have a full evidential disclosure from the police prior to the accused being interviewed, the solicitor usually sits in the police interview and listens to the allegations / evidence etc and hears the accused responses. Therefore, the solicitor it helps to know the solicitors assessment in order for a poster to advise you.

Also, you state ' the witnesses said they did not see me punch her', was there any kind of an incident?.

Any questions pls ask.
My last should have read:

'Therefore it helps to know the solicitors initial assessment in order to assist any poster to advise you further'.
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Yes there was a preceding incident. To cut a long story short there was an argument between me and 3 other ladies. I left and advised I was going to find a manager - I walked down the corridor and the 3 others followed me. When we got to the end Me and one of the women were still arguing but I left to go (again) to again try and find a manager. At tihs point the woman who said I punched her blocked my way by her arm being outstretched against the wall in front of me - I asked her to move her arm on more than one occassion - she refused and just glared at me - I got scared, panicked (as I was esentially pinned in by 3 of them) and pushed her arm out of the way (with open palms) and ran up to the next corridor to get help - I immediately reported the incident and it is the two other ladies involved that have both said they did not see me punch the woman concerned - there were no other witnesses.

As i say I reported the incident straight away and also advised the managers (by email cos they weren't around) that I wanted to raise a formal complaint against the other 3 as this was not the first incident of this type and I had previously advised the managers that I was being bullied and itimidated. The other woman alleged that I punched her a few days later.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give your comments.
Hi doris. But what was the opinion of the solicitor after formal police interviews?

Do you know who made the report to the police?
As said it is standard procedure to refer this to the CPS, it is them, not the police who decide if the case goes forward. In this case I can see no chance at all of the CPS proceeding with it. It is a worry but I am certain there will be no further action (NFA) by the CPS. Just be patient and it will all work out well for you.

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Hello, I've had an incident at work whereby someone has accused me of punching her. There were two other people present and they have both advised the police that they did not see me punch her (because i didn't).

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