Robbed by window cleaner

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jedimistress | 10:56 Mon 07th Sep 2009 | Law
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Hello. Would this be a police issue or just or tough luck? My partner paid our new window cleaner a year in advance, as we could have a month free if we did this!! I thought it was unusual to pay a window cleaner this way, but accepted it. He cleaned the windows once and has now disappeared. He has not returned and the mobile number on his invoice is no longer in use.

Could this be a police issue as I do not expect we are the only people he has done this to. He has cleaned the windows in our area for the last couple of years. Or is it just something we\'d have to take to small claims or our solicitor. Not that we would really do that as it seems more hassle and cost than it\'s worth. We have an invoice, dated and signed.


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Unfortunately , you have been had. Certainly let the police know , the may already know of him . It wouldn't hurt to let them know as you are probably not alone in this.

Zacmaster has it right -I think!!!
Surely you must have had more than just a mobile phone number before you gave someone a years worth of money? Is there no address on the invoice? If he's cleaned windows in your area for a couple of years someone must know where he lives. Have you checked the electoral register?

If you have an address then you can pay him a visit.
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Robbed by window cleaner

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