putting agreement into writing.

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imajenarry | 16:13 Tue 01st Sep 2009 | Law
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is it possible to put an agreement into writing that will be legally binding. the agreement is for my ex partner to honour a verbal agreement to transfer our house and mortgage into my name only.(he's agreeing to it now but i think the actual signature stage happens in about 6 weeks-a lot can happen in 6 weeks) and also to repay an amount of money to me that he borrowed 18 months ago to start a business .does this have to be done with the help of a solicitor..and if so how much is it likely to cost? thankyou in advance.


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Are you absolutely sure the mortgage company will allow the transfer?
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yes i'm applying with the mortgage company and i'm doing it all thru a conveyancing solicitor. but as i said it takes 6 weeks and i hope the mortgage company will be happy to allow me to be the sole mortgage lender.

Get a contract with a solicitor...couple of hundred.
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Sorry borrower.
Most contracts can be agreed to verbally but some require to be made in writing. Not only that, but they require to be made in a way prescribed by law - Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995.

In Scotland, all contracts involving the sale of land or buildings require the involvement of a solicitor - Conveyancing and Feudal Reform (Scotland Act) 1970).

So if you're in Scotland you will need a solicitor's help to make an agreement on land or buildings binding.

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putting agreement into writing.

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