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oddjob99 | 13:00 Sat 29th Aug 2009 | Law
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I have a will maker program that we used to write my wife's and my wills in about 1996.
The makers do not list it any more or any updates.
Have there been any changes since that time regarding the writing of wills?
Any help or info about an alternate (other than a solicitor) would be welcome.


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I used to write wills for a living. While there will, no doubt, have been test cases relating to probate before the courts since 1996, there have been no changes to the relevant primary legislation.

If the value of your estate exceeds the current threshold for inheritance tax (�325,000) , I strongly advise seeking professional advice. Otherwise (unless there are complicating factors, such as certain types of agricultural land forming part of the estate or a need to set up complicated trusts) there's no reason why you shouldn't draft your own wills. You could use your existing software or you could simply go to any decent stationer's shop and buy a will form.

However both of those methods can often fail to address certain 'what if?' type questions, such as what should happen to a part of your estate if the nominated beneficiary pre-deceases you. It would be better to read a good book on the subject, which explains all of the pitfalls. The standard (layman's) reference work is the one produced by the publishing division of the Consumers' Association, 'Which? Books': -Administering-Independent/dp/1844900339/ref=s r_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1251546179&sr=1-1

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Many thanks for your advice and detailed explanation.
I have ordered the Which book from Amazon just �8.75 inc.postage.
I will see how I get on.

Regards Bob.
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Sat 29/08/09
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Sorry I should have used your Log in name Chris I hope this will still find you.


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