benefit fraud

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chas2008 | 12:59 Mon 24th Aug 2009 | Law
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ok, bet thats got everyones attention...just need an informed sensible answer ...
a member of my inlaws family (in his 50s)has been claiming certain benefits for well over 10 years while also working cash in hand, yes i know a phone call should be made and there are a number of people who are on the verge of doing this.
The problem is that he lives at home with his parents who are in there 80s and the only asset he has is a 3rd share in the property, if he were to be convicted and the DHS decided they wanted there money back could they force a sale of the house to recoup that money ??...That would then leave his parents efectively homeless , and no they havnet got the cash to buy his 3rd share probably in the region of �80, you can see theres a bit of a dilema as to what to do.


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I see. Any excuse not to do what is right.
He obviously didnt think about the risk to hi parents property.

he should give it back to them and then get the benefit part sorted

wont they just place a charge on the house instead of forcing a sale.
He needs to pay for what he has done- regardless - its his fault he is in this situation.
People out there struggle to live by on benefits - and if there was less benefit fraud - there might be a bit more money in the pot to help the genuine cases!
Just disgusting!
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well, that was a real helpfull answer...
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that was aimed at Rollo...
Was it aimed at me?

Jolly good.

You just do whatever you want to do.

He will probably get caught sooner or later. And then it will be all the worse for him.
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I think at worse they will put a charge on his 3rd of the property but it's more likely that they will make him pay it back in hard cash.
yeah at 50p a week.
Well that depends. They have the power to go through any bank accounts he has with a fine tooth comb. If he has any cash they will go after that.

And it won't be 50p a week. Any over payment is taken out at �10 a week.
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that was the option i was hoping for, just not 100% certain that would happen..'s unlikely to happen. They are not going to risk waiting over 30 years to get their money back. They will start now.
to be honest chas2008 I dont think you are going to be able to guess the outcome - Ummm is right - they wont want to wait years for their money.
He may even get a prison sentence if he cannot pay... but to be fair - he does deserves what he gets! Harsh but true

Dont do the crime if you are not prepared to do the time.
He has taken valuable cash away from other much more deserving people!
With his long track record of fiddling the system ...

... I presume he's an MP ?
I don't think there is a dilemma at all.
This man is a parasite , a common thief and a scumbag.

He has not considered his parents in any of this, he is depriving many of help and literally sticking 2 fingers up at everyone including you.

Shop him straight away , it can be done without any of your details being given and then keep quiet about it.

Would I do do it , too right I would , there are thousands really struggling to manage on benefits and this man is just taking the p*ss.

Don't keep agonising about it just -do it.

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dont disagree with any of your comments Brenda, but the possibility that 2 80 year olds may lose the house they have lived in all there lives sorts of puts a different slant on things..
They will not loose their house. What would be the point of making them homeless and then having to rehouse them? This person will almost certainly get a prison sentence though and as another person said there would be a charge made against the property .
There is no way the old people will lose their home in this situation, they are not responsible in anyway for his

It is very likely that he will be sent to prison for this, which is no more than he deserves and a charge wil be placed on the house..

what are these 'certain benefits'? How do you know which benefit he is on and how do you know that he isn;t allowed to earn a certain amount? has he actually shouted to the world over the last 10 years that he has been making a fraudulant claim?
If he is infact claiming a care allowance for both his elderly parents he is allowed to work too .

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benefit fraud

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