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SALLYM1 | 15:42 Thu 23rd Jul 2009 | Law
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I hope you can help. I live on my own in a ground floor flat which I own, the above flat is rented. 3 months ago new tenants moved in. The previous tenant was extremely pleasant and very considerate. Unfortunately, the kitchen and bathroom in the above flat is directly over my bedroom. The couple's life style is different to mine, where I work 9-5, the girlfriend doesn't work and her boyfriend does shiftwork. They do not have their music or television up loud but the constant walking around at a late hour is driving me mad! Its like living in the same house with your kids. I tenatively approached the couple advising them of the situation, they didn't seemed bothered and literally upped the noise level even more. I contacted the landlord as we jointly own the freehold asking if soundproofing could be put in these two rooms. I've even gone on the internet and its quite very affordable. so I offered to contribute towards the cost. He refused and just made a complaint to the couple which has just made matter worse. I invited them down for drinks for a chat. The girlfriend refused. Fortunately, she decided to stomp around the flat whilst we were chatting and the chap then realised how noisy it was. I thought I had cracked it but alas, they now dont talk to me and the noise levels have risen! I am extremely stressed and there are times when I dont even want to go home as I know I cant relax. I do believe that the solution is to install soundproofing in the two rooms but the landlord still refuses so I think I may now have to go down the legal route which I so didn't want to do. Ttherefore, any advice you can give would be appreciated. Sorry about the epic question but I am at my wits end. Thank you.


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With numpties like these you have to fight fire with fire, find out when they sleep and if he's on shift then it probably won't be when you are. Then put your stereo on full blast under their bedroom and go to work, leave it on all day. That night they'll complain, then you say," I tried to negotiate but it was clearly beyond your limited IQ, therefore if I get no sleep you get no sleep, capiech?. Tell them to get a mat in the kitchen/bathroom and walk on that. Really do it, every time they make a noise the old man get's no sleep. Even dumb animals learn eventually.

This happenned to me once in reverse, I was horrified when I realised the noise it made downstairs, I just got a mat in the kitchen, the noise is because the floor is hard.
I know that in some rented flats tenants are not allowed to remove carpets and reveal hard flooring as it causes noise to tenants below - Is it floorboards upstairs and has it always been so? Or was there carpet previously. Depends on what clauses are in their contract.
I know its a long shot - and probably wont help - but hey!
Actually I agree with R1Geezer.. get a radio on timer let it come one while you are out and on full volume!
Then act surprised if they complain

Fire with Fire
I'm with the noise makers Fight fire with fire, You can get a set of 5 or 7.1 surround sound speakers for you PC and let me tell you they CRANK!!!! I have a set on this PC . A softer approach , you could lay in bed and bounce a soft ball aff the wall or ceiling better yet a basket ball would torture them. Jeez it is to bad you and I don't time share because if we traded for a week you would come home to silence golden and they would be cooking you diner and rubbing your feet till you fell asleep when I got done with them ... Anything you want SALLYM1 just don't make HIM come back
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Thanks for all your replies guys! I love the fight fire with fire; your right these people are ignorant, although I love the idea of being wined and dined but not by these guys! I lost it on Saturday eve as had been out to a Ceroc night (if you love dancing, its the best) and came home at a late hour really buzzing but hoping to have a good lie in being it was Sunday the day of rest and all that jazz! It wasn't to be although it was 6.30 rather than 4.30am. By 7am I had had enough so I turned my radio up loud, slammed doors and cupboards but unfortunately it petrified the life out of my dog Charlie, so I left the radio on loud and took him for a long walk. When I got back at about 10, apart from the radio blearing, it seemed quiet upstairs. They had gone out, I sooo wished they would never come back! However, last night they were really quiet and even though the chap got up at 4.30am this morning, he wasn't as loud which I can live with so fingers crossed, I may have cracked it. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again guys.
just moved into a new house and my next door neighbour plays her music so loud you can feel the vibrations in our floor ! I spoke to her about it and she said she has her music on loud because she is cleaning! well she must have the cleanest house in the road! so on sunday i had enough and i set up my stereo in the bedroom next to hers and cranked up the sound whilst i had a bath!! by the time i got out of the bath the cd had fi nished and she had turned her music off !! so im going to turn on my music everytime she turns hers on and see what happens !! shes picked on the wrong one !

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