how long a caution will remain in my file?

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amirpersian | 15:15 Sat 11th Apr 2009 | Law
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i have applied for a private hire cab licence a few month ago,after 3 month of sending the last documents they needed,today i recieved a copy of my CRB records wich was showing a caution happened in 6 april 2004,does any body know how long it takes to clear my file?(caution was because a mistake i did when we were in worst financial situation possible and i picked 3 toy cars worth les than �4.50 to give to my son for his birth day and i got a caution for shop lifting,alas..)


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Most formal Police cautions normally expire after 5 years, however, not all Police Forces operate the same way.

You should make contact with the Force who cautioned you and find out if your caution has been deleted. This is normally done by application via a special form they should have for you to fill out.

However, if your private hire cab application requires you to disclose certain details, i.e. regarding any convictions / cautions, it is incumbent on you to answer honestly.

A Police caution is NOT a criminal conviction, and details are only held on the likes of the Police National Computer.

Hope this helps.
The caution remains on the record forever.

However, one it becomes "spent", you do not have to disclose it except in certain specific circumstances.

See this: record/rehabilitation_of_offenders/
Rollo is right. However, an applicant for a Private Hire Drivers' Licence, since 2002, does not have the right to have "spent" convictions and must declare everything regardless of whether they are otherwise "spent". Cautions are not convictions and it would be advisable to contact the lisencing sections of the Council concerned to find out what the impact would be.

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how long a caution will remain in my file?

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