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carsonking | 12:57 Sun 05th Apr 2009 | Law
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I have a new van and whilst i am trying to sell my old one, can i leave the old one on the road, it is taxed but not insured i have transfered that to my new van?


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it should be insured if it is on the road.

For example, what if the handbrake were to accidently come off or fail and it ploughed into a group of kids who were walking past and kiled themall, and then their parents all wanted to sue you?
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Thats not the question, i want to know if its legal, it's getting in the way and causing arguments, the road is flat outside.
"it should be insured if its on the road" = It is NOT legal to park and uninsured car on the road

might be a good idea to SORN it but you must have it completely off the road. can do this through DVLA or take your reminder/log/restration book to a post office hicle/UntaxedVehicle/DG_4022058 application?origin=vnav_bar.jsp&event=bea.port al.framework.internal.refresh&pageid=Declare+S ORN

Sorn deals with tax, not insurance.
A vehicle that is parked on the public highway must have insurance by law.
If you have a 'for sale' sign in the van whilst it is on the highway, you could get prosecuted for that, too, depending where you live.
Any motor vehicle on a public road must have a valid and current insurance document in force.
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Thanks all, i have found a garage to put it in for the time being.

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Car on road

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