Unfair broadband billing

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heligaz | 22:10 Mon 16th Mar 2009 | Law
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I had Aol broadband in my previous accomodation until I moved out last August. I was sure I had cancelled the broadband but I have just recieved a final demand for a couple of hundred pounds of unpaid bills for the last 6 months even though I have not lived there . They claim to have contacted me before but this is the first letter I have recieved do I have a leg to stand on or should I just stump up the money and put it down to experience?


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You say you are "sure" which suggests an element of doubt and there may have been a minimum period for the contract and any remaining months would have to be paid for even if they had received the cancellation.
AOL continued taking money from my credit card account after I had cancelled the contract. They said it was not possible to refund the money but luckily I had kept a note of the cancellation code number so they said they would make a refund. They didn't, they took more payments until I contacted my bank and the bank sorted it.
Did you get a cancellation code number?
A few years back I was with AOL and did a similar thing, except I know I did NOT send them a cancellation I just stopped using the service and cancelled my payments

They sent me a demand (which I ignored) and after a few more letters I think I did ring them up and blamed them for their incompetence at which point I never heard anything from them again

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Unfair broadband billing

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