abh me and my boyfriend!!

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bad-girl | 13:43 Mon 09th Mar 2009 | Law
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hello to all who read this! ive already told my story its about myself and my boyfriend out drinking one night when a fight took place between my boyfriend and another bloke, then fought and my boyfriend ended up coming out better than the other bloke as the other bloke ended up with two black eyes and a brise on his ear, i had nothin to do with this i was tryind to stop it all but myself and my boyfriend were both arested keep in custody the full weekend had to go to court on monday to get bail! we were both charged with gbh section 18 a few weeks later that was droped to an abh charge! this is still bad!! we are still in crown court!!! my life has not been worth living since this has happened!! my relationship with my partner is going down hill, please belive me when i say we have both learnt our lesson the hard way! any my point is the other bloke has decided he doesnt want to take this any further, himself and his witnesses have made a statement to police stating that they dont want to take this any further, my solicitor asked the police for the retraction statement 6 weeks ago and they still have not giving it to them, we have also just heard the police have summons the other guy and his withneses to come to court!! does this mean they will still have to give evidence against us? the trial is in like 2 weeks time... thanks to all that help


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It sounds as though the Crown Prosecution Service(CPS) are going ahead with prosecutions. In case you don't know, the CPS actually bring prosecutions on behalf of the Police and the Public.

It makes no difference that the other guy apparently wants nothing further done, it all depends on whether or not the prosecution(CPS) decides that this is worth pursuing because it is "in the Public interest".

For example, if this was a mass brawl in a public place, then it's more than likely that that is how the CPS will view the matter.

Plus, the fact that people were injured gives more weight to the CPS case that people should be held accountable for their actions.

Sorry if this sounds depressing, but if there was a great punch-up in the street outside where you live, and people were injured etc, wouldn't you perhaps expect the Police to make arrests and try to bring prosecutions against those suspected of the offences?

Were there any CCTV cameras which filmed what was going on? If so, that film will undoubtedly be used as evidence by the CPS.

Get your Solicitor to contact the CPS asap to find out what exactly is happening. Make him/her do the job which they are getting well paid for! Otherwise, you'll be completely in the dark! Make them represent you properly.
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no cameras this all happened in a house...
thank you very much
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abh me and my boyfriend!!

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