guardianship/adoption of a grandchild

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maggs1703 | 23:52 Fri 20th Feb 2009 | Law
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hi again my head is still reeling with thoughts this time it is about guardianship/adoption. we have had residencey of our grandson for the last 20 months and still have problems with his mother our daughter she was charged and convicted of child neglect and went to prison for this we are now having awful problems regarding her access so we are now considering guardian ship adoption he will be 4 in march and lived with us for his 1st yr and the last two years he has only really been with her for a year on her own we just are interested to see what our chances on guardianship/adoption would be answers appreciatted many thanks


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I would have thought that your chances of either special guardianship or adoption are pretty good if the courts made a residence order that gave you parental responsibility. If you were granted the orders via the local authority / social services I would approach them and ask about making a permanent arrangement for this little boy.
How are you getting on with this? I notice you posted back in February.

I doubt you would have any trouble in obtaining an Special Guardianship Order.

Please look at for further information on family issues.

I am trying to obtain an SGO for my niece and her mother hasn't even gone as far as have a good chance of securing an SGO.

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i am still very confused over this my daughter has access 3 afternoons a week and i stopped this because of her behaviour only to be told to regain acess but no more she wants overnights and to this i have said no she cannot be trusted i am not even that sure of the acess she has got but we were advised not to take it to court as the judge will only see mother wants to see child and pass it we asked for adoption and were told NO immediatly sgo wasn't mentioned again we are totally bemused by it all. my daughter has said she just wants to see us spend money ????? and if she doesn't get what she wants then it is to court we go our solicitor is the best in in the area so i am not concerned about that and when we went back she said fine lets take it to court then we are now waiting for this we will have to pay. my daughter will not want it to go this far tho as she is not going to want social services involved again as she is pregnant again and is under investigation as to whether she will be allowed to keep this one so i know she is not going to want to rock the boat anymore than she has too . a diary is still beong kept tho and everything is being noted even down to the amount of money she lends off us !!!!!!!!!! she is being very nice at the
moment but this could change by the time she returns we are constantly on our guard - which is such a shame it should not ever have happened.
thank you for asking and i am sorry for the essay .
i am seriously considering representing ourselves tho if what she says that the judge is soooo busy he won't read the reports is true then i feel he needs to hear what actually goes on. this is still a very big mess !!!!!
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Thankyou so much x I've literally done everything the mum's asked if she's said jump I've literally said how high, the first time ive said no because it would affect my grandson she's gone disgustingly vicious.
I have to wait till monday to speak with my solicitor.

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guardianship/adoption of a grandchild

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