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STAH | 19:17 Sun 11th Jan 2009 | Law
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I was wondering whether or not anyone could assist me with this question.

I have an initial interview to be considered to sit as a Magistrate in my local community. I believe that there are two interviews, and my intial one is next month.

Could someone please give me a 'heads-up' as to what can be expected at the interviews; what sort of questions will be asked etc.

I have visited a court previously, however, I shall be revisiting the court at least once more to remind myself of the duties and procedures etc.

Thank you in advance for any answers, tips, pointers or advice.

Kind regards,



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First find out the sort of person you are, be honest with your answers dont give answers you think the panel want to hear, and be prepared to state that you have no little secrets that could bring the magistracy into disrepute.

Second are given half an hour to look at 2 court cases, then be prepared to discuss what you would do with the offenders...the mitigating and aggravating features...once again be honest.
Good luck, it can be interesting, sometimes a bit scary and sometimes you will feel sad but its worthwhile.
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Excellent stuff, many thanks to you for your time and input.
Try these interview tips from -

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Magistrate - Interview

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