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burnouts | 23:19 Thu 08th Jan 2009 | Law
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under what circumstances are police allowed to use pepper spray?


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Do the (UK) Police HAVE pepper spray,it is illegal for non Police persons to have/use.
I have never known the Police here to have or use it.
it is illegal for a person to own or carry pepper spray or cs gas in the uk. you could be prosecuted under the firearms act if found in possesion of either. the police in the uk do have pepper spray but will only use it if an officer is in danger....supposedly!!!!
here in france cs gas is freely available and is very popular with young ladies who often walk home alone etc. personally, i carry it everywhere i go...i don't intend to become a victim!
Pepper Spray is currently in use by some police forces - it is believed to be more effective than CS Spray.

When it can be used is a very open question. Police Officers are legally allowed to carry/use it. The use of it would be deemed a "use of force" and would have to be justified and proportionate dependent on what they are doing (in the same way that batons/handcuffs/palm strikes/knee strikes etc are used).

Police Officers have various powers and can often use force in order to use one of those powers - examples include arrest, stop & search, entry to buildings to prevent loss of life.

It is far easier to look at individual cases and say whether the use is/could be deemed to be appropriate or lawful rather than giving huge generalisations.

If you could be more precise it would be easier to answer.

Hope this helps.

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