Council Tax Arrears

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patbhoy | 12:51 Mon 22nd Dec 2008 | Law
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I have received a threatening letter from a debt collection agency over council tax arrears for a property I sold back in August 1995.
I contacted the local authority in the area where the property was and yes i do owe the money but I asked them why I had not been contacted regarding this by themselves and that the matter was passed on to the debt collecting agency.
They told me that the only forwarding address that they had was for the solicitor who carried out the conveyancing of my purchase and sale and that they had passed details of the arrears to him in the assumption that he would in turn pass them on to myself.
Something he obviously failed to do, do i have any course of redress against the afore mentioned solicitor and after 13.5yrs am I still liable to pay the arrears.
(Scots Law Please)


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I though evershade's initial response was reasonable and didn't deserve to be dismissed as unwanted advice.

I doubt this can be debt considered as time barred if you failed to provide a forwarding address.

I doubt the solicitor was under an obligation to pass it on- anyway, by the time the demand came through did the solicitor have the latest forwarding address for you?

Have you contacted the solicitor to ask what he did with the request? I'm not clear what you want to get out of any complaint against the solicitor- are you asking whether he should now be liable for paying your arrears.

In summary, I'm not clear what you are asking.

I'm still not sure what advice you are looking for, as you say you do intend to pay the arrears. If you do pay them that's the quickest way of getting the debt collectors to stop threatening you. Or have I misunderstood- are you looking to avoid payment?
Ethel. Are you sure this is the case in Scotland? I don't know whether it is, but some of the law there is different from England.
I thought eyeshade's answer wasn't at all helpful and I'm not surprised patbhoy took umbrage. As far as I can tell, eyeshade was telling patbhoy what he should have done 13 and a half years ago.

How is that even remotely helpful?

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Council Tax Arrears

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