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emmabee123 | 12:00 Tue 28th Oct 2008 | Law
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almost 2 years ago I sold some speakers on ebay which I sent off and insured for �100 which was slighly less than the value of the goods sold, the recipeint contacted me to say although they were really well packaged they had arrived damaged.I apologised profusley and put a claim in which took a long time, although i kept my buyer fully informed, sent him copies of the emails from my parcel company etc, he turned really nasty and started calling me a liar, saying I had sent him broken goods deliberatley etc.Any way he claimed his money back via paypal, I was left without the speakers which he never returned, and today I recieved a letter saying I must pay �207 to the courts or bailiffs will seize goods!I am on a low wage, live in a rented house and have debt management plan so please could anyone advise me as my head is allover the place, thanks in advance for any advice


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So if he got his money back what debt is he claiming for?

Did he get some kind of court order or something?
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he is claiming he never got his money back and i cant really prove he did after all this time
Can Paypal not confirm it?
I have just logged in to my PayPal account and retrieved all transactions since 2004 so you should be able to get the evidence you need
If the letter you got is genuine and gives details of the Court, then he must have been to Court and got a County Court Judgement against you. For him to do this, you should have been sent his Court claim and been given an opportunity to defend his claim in Court.

If you did receive the claim and just ignored it, then you are at fault and can probably do nothing. If you did not receive it then you may be able to get the Court to set aside the judgement on the grounds that you were not aware of the case and that if you had been you would have defended it and the outcome would very likely have been different.

Did he have your address, because any Court claim has to be sent to you at your last known address?

You really need some local advice on this - CAB or other free local money advice service, or possibly phone CCCS.
Paypal will confirm the refund, if he insists on carrying on the claim through the courts, issue a counterclaim for the value of the speakers as they were never returned after a refund was given.
Just take a copy of the paypal transaction to the court to prove you have refunded him.
This guy got a free set of speakers but he still wants more money off you? what a con artist!!!!
I am surprised PP issued a refund before he returned the speakers.
As Ethel, I have just gone into my PP account and retrieved information I thought was long gone. Also, if your PP account is linked to your bank acc then you will also have details there so, if you can't find the details in PP look at your bank statements. Try not to worry too much as you have the proof somewhere, you just need to find it
Are you sure the letter is genuine? Have you called anyone?
pink-kittens ,its a fact paypal often refund without giving the option to argue it...they seem to always be on the side of the buyer..and yes, some dubious people exploit the system..
Like Ethel i can log into my PP account and it will give every transaction since joining ,unlike E bay which only shows the last 3months. You may even be able to filter it to show just refunds,if its been done it will be there..

It is common for PayPal to refund without proof of return.
Thanks chas and Ethel, I didn't realise they did that
Live and learn :)
all these E bayers that put 'i always get proof of postage'. are wasting there time..PP is not interested unless there is a tracking number.

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