mimimum working temperature

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jelly baby | 16:35 Sun 07th Sep 2008 | Law
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I work in a small factory which gets very cold in the winter months. We moved into this unit last November, and as the heating system was inefficient to the point of uselessness, we made allowances and a new system was duly installed in Feb this year.
The boss has now announced that due to the hike in fuel costs he won't be able to afford to have the heating on this winter.
I need to know if he would have to pay us if we were to leave because it was too cold to work. We are manual workers (upholstery) and it becomes physically painful to work with freezing hands,
Any help appreciated, Thanks


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think its 16 deg c for sedentary workers and 13 dg c for manual workers, then you can refuse to work
Bednobs is correct - more info here .htm

You can always contact the HSE confidentially - their information line number is 0845 345 0055
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Thank you both, but I need to know would he have to pay us?
if the temprature drops below the permitted limit and you refused to work you are still entitled to be paid. your amployee has a duty of care to you and your fellow employees.

im not to sure how it works if you resigned you position within the company and left but on the grounds of what you have said you could claim constuctive dismissal againt the company as you were forced to leave.

it may be best for you to contact your local cab as they may be able to give you more info.
There is a difference between the meaning of words �should� and �must� � I would recommend you read the link to the HSE website, substituting the would �should� with �must� and you will then appreciate that there are no absolute working temperature limits, only recommended limits.
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Thanks, I shall contact C A B and see what they advise.

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mimimum working temperature

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