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julie46 | 18:48 Wed 27th Aug 2008 | Law
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i am fed up of an ex partner harrassing me, i was in a volatile relationship with him for 7 years and eventually we split up 2 years ago. During the relationship I had to call 999 on several occassions When we split he moved out of the property and I bought out his share. He wanted us to get back together after i had bought him out which i flatly refused and since then he has been knocking on my door at all hours and swearing and spitting at me in the street, he was eventually cautioned under the harrasment act and things quietened down for a time. Now he is wanting more money from me saying that i left him with a lot of debt-he has debt all in his name, credit cards and loans which fed his alcohol and gamboling addiction, they are entirley in his own name, he received some equity from the house but is now saying he wants more. He has applied for a restriction with the land reg and has done a statement of case which is full of lies saying that I made him spend on the loans and cards etc and that i forged his signature on some of his cheques, i have now been asked to do a statement of case to defend myself but rather than go through the land reg could i take him to a civil court,? i know i need to take legal advice on thisbut any help would be apprecated. I just wonder whether it would be possible to issue court proceedings for, i think its called, striking out a claim. many thanks in anticipation


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think yourself lucky you have never or never will be in a relationship where you are scared shi...... of a big menacing thug!!! do not belittle people who are/have been
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They are obviously not gorillas to start with thats why.
I am in the same position as julie, a man who goes out on the pop can be very very scary.

Alcoholism develops over a period of time and you don't always recognise it.

My o/h is a drinker and practically saved my life - what makes you stay is the emotional blackmail and the promises to change, also knowing that there is a good man in there - the man you met once
You should contact to police, arrange a meeting with your ex in the presence of legal authorities, and tell him that you are not alone and by the power of authority you can get him busted.

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