Put a covenant on house i live in

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ccfluff | 09:14 Thu 07th Aug 2008 | Law
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Hi all, wonder if anyone could give advice. The houe i live in has restrictive covenants placed on it. i was wondering whether i could place my own covnant on the property and still live here. im having a bit of trouble with the neighbours and the housing association wont help, i thought that if i placed a covenant on my home restricting the time they can use an access only passageway, it might help me in the long run. Sorry for the lack of detail, long story, bu any advice will be greatfully received. Thanks


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Generally restrictive covenants are either made when the property is built (as part of the planning permission process), or have to be agreed by all parties affected by it.

From what you say, your neighbours are unlikely to agree.
Just out of curiousity - do they have the legal right to use the passage way for access now?
Nice idea, but not what you could do - if you neither own your house (HA?) nor the access passageway.
And this this problem neighbour's land has a right of way down the access, it can't (easily) be taken away.
What does the covenant actually say and what problem it is causing as it may be there is scope for making things better within the realms of what it says.

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Put a covenant on house i live in

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