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rheigie | 14:01 Wed 06th Aug 2008 | Law
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hi, we were assimulated to a band 2 and fought it and have just been awarded a band 3 i work 30 hours a week and was on the same hourly rate as a full timer now i appear to have an increment to get in 2009 why? and why is it that someone who works 24hours recieved well over a grand more than me in back money also full timers recieved more than 2 grand more. I feel completely lost as all i ever get told is "it due to you being part time" does anyone know what i should have recieved in back money and is it not the case that im being discriminated against for being part time ? (which i have to say i feel) . But if this were the case surely someone of 24 hour should have got much less than me. Please can somebody explain this as im at my wits end!!!! thanks


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if you used punctuation, grammar and included a little more information (i.e. how long you have been there, rates of pay for bands 2 and 3 and any other extenuating circumstances - i.e. length of service, time off sick etc.) i'm sure someone would be glad to oblige. as you are in the nursing profession i would hope you are a member of a union - ask them! this is what you pay them for...
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There's no need to be nasty. I've never done this before. I have been with the health board for 15 years and work as a support worker, hence the lack of ability to use proper english!!! I apparently am uneducated when actually I'm dyslexic. I was on top band 2 which is 15523.00 and have now gone in at a spine point 05 of 3 pay scale of 17732.00. I've not had any sick time, break in service, or anthing else for that matter. The full time staff have gone in at 06 of band 3. I have contacted unison and they say its due to increment dates although i reached my top increment date in 1999. How can they take me back in increments but not take full time staff back?
not being nasty. you have now used punctuation etc. which makes your post a little easier to read! never said anything about you being uneducated (i am assuming you have some self esteem issues here) and just because you are a hcsw does not mean you are dumb...some of the ones i work with have far more common sense than some of the nurses!!! your post still does not provide enough information for someone to work out what you would be owed in �'s but i do know that when you work for the nhs your pay scale is capped at certain points (mine was my first and sixth increment points) where you have to prove you are skilled enough and have undertaken enough trining to warrant your pay rise/increment.

for my first i had to pass a six month trial period and in-house training course as a newly qualified nurse and i will get my next five increment points with no further effort, but if i want any after that, i will have to pull my finger out, train, improve services on my ward and prove that i deserve my last pay 'gateway'. it may of course be different according to the local health authority that you work for, but your other colleagues may also have been due some increments where you were not.

as for full time staff getting a different rate than part time staff for doing the same job, that does not sound right or fair. this is something you should highlight to the union specifically and they should provide you with a detailed explaination as to why there is a difference. again, where i work they have stopped recruiting people at band 3 and now new employees start at band 2, so we do have people doing the same job for different rates of pay and there isn't a thing they can do about it! this may be different to your circumstances, but without a load more information it would be difficult to offer a proper and correct response to your question. it seems like you could do with some further contact with your employers of union to clarify the

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