driving with no insurance

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beaumont214 | 16:29 Fri 04th Jul 2008 | Law
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if there is a magistate reading who could help me with some advice i would be very grateful.
i tallied up 6 points in my first two years of driving in december last year and have only just been disqualified from driving now 6 months later! i recieved the letter on the 28th of may it was dated the 23rd of may, i was given 5 days from the date of the letter to stop driving. however on the 23rd of may i was stopped for having a brake light out and told i had no insurance. i had insurance to the best of my knowledge i was certain of it. as i spoke to the ins company they said they had sent me a letter i had to sign. i recieved no such letter, then they said they sent me letters saying they would cancel the policy if i did not send it back signed. didnt recieve that one either. they have said they tried to contact me but i recieved no calls or letters. ive produced all docs requested by the officer but no ins as they have washed there hands of me. i have a bank statement showing they took money from my account for the month of june which says i was insured on the date of being stopped but the police would only accept a valid cert of insurance. so i now presume im going to be summons to court, but as i have already had my license revoked as i have 6 points what would happen in court if they gave me a further 6 points? as it stands i have to retake my license again. if i got it before court date would they revoke it again? how many times will i have to retake my test before i can keep it? im not driving now obviously but im at my wits end, i dont have a clue what would likely happen with it all.
please help any advice would be recived gratefully


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no honest your honour, i really did think i had insurance, honest
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if youve nothing constructive to offer get yaself a life pal and spend your time more wisely
im afraid you wont get any sympathy on here from your question

but as you ask,you will or should get another six points,but it will be carried over until you have done your next 2 yrs on your new licence,but if you get any more points during the 2 yrs you will get it revoked again.
Most people pay for insurance on line - given that you're posing this question on this site the word " incongruous " springs to mind
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thanks norman, not looking for sympathy just advice mate.
so even if i take my test again then go to court i will get a further 6 points totalling 12 thus causing a further revoked license and av to take my test again???!!!
if you do have some evidence of being insured, even if it's not a certificate, take it to court. The court will have heard sad stories before from people who claim they thought they were insured; most have no evidence to back it up. So take any documents with you.
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thanks jno
I seem to recall that NO INSURANCE is an absolute offence. One of only a few in England.

If I am right, there really i no defence to having none.
Take all evidence that you have that makes you believe you were insured i.e. your bank statement to the court. Check that the insurance company had your correct address, telephone number etc. Why wont they issue you with proof that you were insured? My advice would be do not take your test until you have been to court concerning the current situation.
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thanks annlinda, the insurance company said they made every effort to contact me however they didnt ring me even tho they had my correct tel number, they had my address but i didnt get said forms for some reason, id been insured with admiral for 2 years always paid on time and in full. who knows what happens. just need to know what happens when i get 12 points am i banned for a said time or just disqualified and have to retake my test?
The situation regarding revocation and disqualification is as follows:

(1) At any time in your driving career, twelve points within three years and you receive a mandatory minimum 6 month disqualification. Thus is known as �totting�. The only way round this is to argue (in the magistrates� court) �exceptional hardship�.

(2) For new drivers six points accumulated within two years of passing your first test means your licence is revoked and you revert to provisional status. There is no appeal against this, only against the individual convictions that led to the points.

If you have points prior to passing your test these count towards the six, but if you already have six when passing your licence is not immediately revoked, but any further points lead to revocation.

From what you say, you have six points and are expecting six more. This will lead to a six month ban under (1) above. Although for �totting� your points revert to zero when you are banned, they do not do so for the �new drivers� rules. This means if you pass your test again after the ban is finished you must gain no more points until two years from the date of your first test to avoid a second revocation.

In short, The new drivers revocation rule only applies from the date you first passed your test.
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thanks new judge very imformative.

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