Who is responsible for te death of my horse?

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ROCKHOLE | 20:17 Sun 22nd Jun 2008 | Law
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My horse had to be destroyed on Thursday afer he fell into a trench that was left open overnight by our landlord. We rent our home and the grazing and the work was all carried out without notice. A 6ft deep, 3ft wide trench was dug on our drive and the farm worker moved our cars witout permission. We have an Assured Shortold periodic tenancy. We fell totally violated and of course devestated at the loss of or loveley horse.


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im my opinion, no-one is responsible for the death of your horse - it seems like it was an accident?
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does your horse usually graze on the drive? If that was his normal grazing place, then it seems weird that you didnt think to put him somewhere else while there was a big hole in his way - sorry because it must be devastating for you.
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My horse does not graze on the drive. The trench began on our drive and extended 50 meters into my paddock and we were told that it would be filled in before tey left for the day. I had no opportunity to move them at such short notice. I thought that landlords had a responsibility to give notice of any intended work!
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I would get to a solicitor if I were you.

If the hole's been dug, with no notice as stated, then they are liable. But you then state that they did tell you the work was happening - even when it had started - so you should have taken steps to remove the horse. Therefore you are responsible.

It's only when you can explain the facts fully to your brief that you'll get real advice - sorry for your loss too by the way.

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Who is responsible for te death of my horse?

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