Can I take time off for work to attend interviews?

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Crungmungus | 16:17 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Law
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Can I take (paid) time off of work to attend interviews for a potential new job? I don't have any holiday left and I hate my job. I don't want to get sacked for looking elsewhere and I dont want to have to lie to take time off work.

Any help appreciated.


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no, in fact your employer dosent even by law have to give you unpaid time off to attend gp appointments
You can take annual leave perhaps, but you are not entitled to paid leave.
go sick , if neccesary ... when interviews are coming up ........- i had a delivery job which was part time ...... and my manager said , "we dont want this job to interfere with anything else you do " ,,,,,,, i didnt ahve any other job , than this one at the time ,........ the reply i gave him , the thirty hours aweek im here , does interfere with some other activity i want to do , and that activity is "attentending interviews " ,,,in due course i vacated the thirty hour a week job ,, i aplogise if i bore you ....
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make sure you have an answer ready for the interview question "where do your current employers think you are today"
answering "im throwing a sickie" will not go down well
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A poor sick record will not endear you to any future employer, so don't do it.

And when the potential employer contacts your current employer for a reference, and he telephones them and asks when you were interviewed, you could find yourself out of either job.
Have you thought of temping for a while. That way you can be honest with who you were working for, placements have to allow time off for interviews. To pop a sickie is not only dishonest it will not reflect well on you, I agree with bedknobs on this one. Some companies will do interviews after work time. Good luck with your search. It is horrible being miserable at work. XX
I am sure if you explain to any potential employers that you were only able to attend interviews either in your lunchbreak or out of hours (not uncommon btw) they would be able to sort something out. When does your annual leave year start - it is only June so I am surprised you don't have any holidays left. I agree with the others, don't lie - the consequences if you are found out are too serious. Are you able to ask for some unpaid leave to attend to *personal matters* instead ?
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i saw someone say it on here once as one of the questions they always ask when interviewinf lo and behold mr bednobs had an interview and was asked that very question!
employers are obliged to alow you to attend an interview for wht is "career progression" but are not obliged to pay you for the privelage. check out
employers who hold against you the fact you applied and went for an interview for another job are descriminating against you as you are only doing what millions do every year

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Can I take time off for work to attend interviews?

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