Ongoing harassment/dispute with neighbours

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Sonak | 13:52 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | Law
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We've had ongong harassment for the past 6 months, and the neighbour has even racially harassed my partner verbally 2 years ago which went to court & the neighbour got a 12 month conditional discharge.

Since all that there has been ongoing intimidation from them & swearing gestures made at myself by the neighbours son aged 9 or 10!

The Housing Association have addressed this with the neighbours many times and have recently said that the neighbours have claimed that we have called Social Services on them and RSPCA regarding their dog, which we have NOT!

Is there a law or some way to prove that we have not called Social Services & RSPCA?

Urgent help & advice is needed on this & would be grateful for any advice or suggestions, thank you.


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the RSPCA and SOCIAL SERVICES apparently have contacted these "neighbours " , its possible that other neighbours ,called theses two SERVICES , and they are just trying to blame anyone and everyone ,,,,,,, whether the RSPCA and SOCIAL SERVICE, would give written confirmation , that you never contacted them , its unlikely , they would do this ........
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Thanks Law_Drop_Out!
So if Social Services & RSPCA turn up at the neighbours door, can they say that they have received a complaint?

Who ever complains would their names and details have to be taken?
If youve complained to the housing association about this, they should have given you some nuisance report forms. Are you a tenant of the housing association? Could you get hold of a tenancy agreement? If so they have to include a section which prohibits harrassment. The housing association is required by law to act on this type of behaviour, although this may take a while and could involve your neighbours being evicted. I am currently having similar problems with my neighbours, who have now said that they are going to have me arressted for complaining about them. Make sure you keep a diary of everything they do, even the dirty looks.
As for the social services/rspca issue, unless they are willing to name the caller theres nothing much you can do, obviously, if they are doing no wrong they souldnt be worried. Good look with your neighbours, i hope everything turns out alright for you.

Try this website

They have lots of info and advice regarding neighbours from hell

J x
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Thanks for your replys ccfluff & happyjo!

To ccfluff - Hi, sorry you are having problems with your neighbours too. Just wanted to ask what you mean about getting (nuisance report forms)?

As a tenant we do have a Tenancy Agreement and have quoted that section (harassment) funny enough when we had the racial incident but they disregarded it has we didn't actually make a complaint at that time but we DID inform them about the court case.

We have a diary of all incidents & some of them have even been logged with the police! It appears they are retaliating and the other thing is our neighbour on the other side of us has recently made a complaint about us too!

By the way how can your neighbours get you arrested for complaining? They sound like they could be related to my neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, by law the housing association has to investigate any complaint made against one of their tenants. They should provide you with forms which you fill in date, time and nuisance, but it seems youve got thar covered. Make sure you take weekly copies to the housing association and get a receipt from them to say youve handed it in.
Are the other neighbours friendly with the neighbours from hell? note it down, as you need to be sure who talks to who. Do you think the complaint made against you could be a result of your complaint?
I suggest you find out more information, the website happyjo mentions is a good one, and they also offer a telephone service where you can call for advice. In the meantime, look up the following The Housing Act 1996, sections 144-158 and also the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
As for our neighbours being related, how about this, my neighbour has made an alegation about me videoing her, she says that there is a red light flashing from our sons bedroom window on a night (when they are upto no good) so i invited the local community support officer round, and showed him the light, he p***** himself laughing, the camcorder was in actual fact a test tube alien, my son had put in the window as he was scared of it. Neighbours wanted to get me done for harassment, so i phoned the cops and asked them if they had a complaint, their reply no.
Anyway, have another word with the housing, if they wont do anything write a letter to the head of housing, failing that go to the ombudsman.
You housing association sounds quite similar to the ones our neighbours belong to, does WDH sound familiar? Good luck with everything and dont let the bast**** get you down.
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Hi again ccfluff - I just read your post! Your neighbours make me laugh, I suppose they'll find anything to use against you - thats a common trait with these NFH!!!!

I have checked out the website that Happyjo suggested & it has really good advice on there. Yes I do think that the NFH made a complaint because of our complaint and thats what our neighbours on the other side are doing!
Both neighbours are very friendly with eachother, which is not surprising!! We were friends before funny enough!!!

We are suppose to find out today from the Housing Association what the complaints are today, well thats what the Housing Manager stated. Lets see if they will let us know!

By the way I'm not familiar with WDH. I really hope you resolve this matter with your neighbours too. Has it been going on for sometime?
They've only lived here 7 months, weve been here 9 years. Trouble is the women next door claims shes pregnant and says if we carry on complaining she'll lose it. Doesn't seem to stop her threatening to beat me up. They've also caused nearly �6000 of damage to my property, which the housing association has now passed on to their insurers.
Hopefully this should be resolved sometime soon.
Make sure you reply in writing to the allegations made against you, dont forget to put in your thoughts regarding the friendship of your neighbours.
Best of luck to you!
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Thanks again ccfluff, well still haven't heard what the complaint is, just hope we hear something tomorrow as the suspense is killing us!

I really hope you get your NFH sorted out as well, when I look at both our situations and the type of people we are dealing with, my faith in humanity is really diminishing!!!!

I'll update you & hope you do the same, take care and good luck also.

WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ongoing harassment/dispute with neighbours

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