Threatened with clamping for parking outside someones house

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nic121 | 16:07 Mon 19th May 2008 | Law
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I have to commute in London each day for work, the only problem is that I don't live near a train station, so have to drive to a nearby road and park my car outside someone elses house. I would use the station car park, but can't afford the �100 a month fee. A have got into a bit of dispute with a couple of the local residents who have threated to clamp my car if I continue to park outside their property. There are no parking restrictions on the road and i'm not causing an obstruction. Firstly, can they legally clamp my car? Secondly, what should I do if they do?


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Ooh, two sides here!

I live very close to an Underground station. I go to work at 5.45, finish about lunchtime, and guess what - I can NEVER park my car when I finish because of all the people who park there to be near the station. It can sometimes be 7 o'clock in the evening before the space becomes available, meaning I have to walk to where I have parked it (also outside someone's house, so for all I know it's a knock on....) and then move it to my house. So in once sense I hate commuters doing that.

To your question though, if you pay your road tax, if there are no parking restrictions, no dropped kerbs etc, then you have the right to park anywhere you choose. They can clamp you, but it will not be enforceable, and it will be an illegal act for which the police can be called.

Having read my answer, you might realise that there are reasons for people being upset. BTW, you haven't got a green Golf have you?
1. No

2. Report the matter to the police.

You may care to do so before they clamp your car. Tell the police that you are being threatened.

In general, whatever they may think or want to think, the road space outside somebody's houyse is not "theirs".
In my personal experience you may have the "right" to park there but once you have annoyed enough of the local population you might not want to park there.
When they find out there is nothing they can do legally they might take matter into thier own hands, and you come back to a redecorated car or worse.
Actually, furry has a good point there - I have to admit after a bad day and not being able to park when I have got home, I have considered aconveniently placed nail as some compensation...

Not done it mind, for the simple reason I wouldn't like it done to me.
Could you try walking, cycling or getting the bus to the station?
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Postdog - point taken, and I would understand it if this road was a road like yours, but they are large semi-detached and detached houses with driveways big enough for up to 3 or 4 cars. That being said, have you got anything to complain about when you knowling moved to a busy road near a station. I just think they are like a lot of people now who are very territorial about the road outside their houses. I guess have a large number of parked cars on the road 'lowers the tone'.

Twenty20 - unfortunatley the station is about 5 miles from my house, so a bit far to walk each morning considering it's only part of my journey to work. There are no direct buses to the station from my house. Cycling is an option I am considering.

I didn't move anywhere - this has crept up over time. 10 years ago it was no problem, but of course more cars, more commuters, people trying to save a buck etc. So yes, I DO have a right to complain.
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Postdog - we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. After reading most comments and seeking further advice my situation is clear...I do have every right to park where I want to on public roads with no parking restrictions. I'm sorry my friend, but those commutors who park outside your house have just as much right to park there as you do. If you wanted to ensure you had a parking space you should have bought somewhere with off-road parking or allocation parking. The people you should complain to are the local council, and you have no right to make those parking on a public road feel uncomfortable with doing so.
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I have to say someone parking outside my house makes my blood boil. I have had a silver Volvo parked outside my house since last thursday, I have a drive which is only big enough for my car and my husband parks on the road.

This Volvo has been so badly parked that my husband can't park outside our house at all, after 7 days this is starting to wear abit thin. All of our Neighbours respect each others space and there is an unwritten rule that you don't park in someone else's space, I just get annoyed as I wouldn't dream of putting someone else out as they have done. And I must admit the nail trick has crossed my mind!

Just think how would you feel coming home to no space every evening!!!
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Frannie1 - I think you have missed a very important point...that piece of road outside your house does NOT belong to you, it is a PUBLIC road. Anyone with full tax and insurance has just as much right to park there as you do. Your own private boundary ends where your front garden does. Let me ask you a question, what do you do when you visit a friend who has no off street parking and dosn't have an available space outside their house? I'm willing to bet you park outside someone elses don't you? Of course you do, because you are fully entitled to. I have to say that I myself live on quite a busy road and have no objections to anyone parking outside my house.

Unless you're in a restricted parking zone or have some info. telling you, that you can't park by order of the local authority, the road is a Public highway where you can park anywhere you like. I have neighbours moaning to me whenever I park my car, but I tell them to make a formal request to the Council to apply for Parking Restictions/permits otherwise f**** off because its a public highway and therefore I am just entitled to park outside their house as they are.
Its all petty and teritorial but despite their protests, I still park my car wherever I can. They soon get used to it. I know their watching through their curtains and make a point of looking all over my car and under the tyres for potential damage and the same whenever I drive off.
I can sympathise with both sides of the coin here. For the sake of others, parking outside your own house rather than other peoples is a common courtesy if you can. However, there is no point in griping about it if someone else is parked outside your own house. You will just look like a control freak to the neighbours - and rightly so.

Believe it or not the chap over the road from me complains about my car being parked infront of his house (I don't have much choice - it can't hover! and I don't do it to annoy him) when he has off road parking/drop kerb that he doesn't use and prefers to park HIS cars outside someone elses house instead!! This got me thinking and I think sometimes the problem is selfish people who think they have the right to annoy others because they can't have their own way/maximum convenience for themselves all the time.

Basically, we have a choice - enjoy the benefits of living in a city and accept the fact that we may seldom get a chance to park outside our own house or, if having to walk an extra 20 yards is really soooo hard, live in the middle of nowhere and hopefully the problem will be gone. I get sick and tired of people who think their personal liberty extends to telling others what they can and cannot do for things that in reality are none of their business.

Public road means just that - PUBLIC, get over it or go live in the outback in Oz.

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Threatened with clamping for parking outside someones house

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