Suspension from work

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floragh | 13:55 Fri 18th Apr 2008 | Law
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Hi, my boyfriend has just rang me to say his boss has called him into the office to tell him he has be suspended on full pay. They have not given him any reasons and he does not have a clue at what the problem is! Is this legal to suspend without giving a reason?


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Yes - in certain circumstances. They will inform of the reason in due course, but it usually indicates a very serious breach of contract or a criminal act.
There should be a company proceedure to follow and it is usually found in the employee handbook.

He should be interviewed in the presence of his witness and a company witness.

It depends on the severity of the allegation against him and notices of any action taken against him should be presented in written format. At every stage he should be given the opportunity to state his case.

All in all, he should at least be given a reason. This doesn't indicate well for the employer and would suggest that they not fully conversant with employment law.

You could contact ACAS
Are you sure that you boyfriend doesn't know the reason and is not keeping it from you through embarrasment?
Seems a little odd. The first thing anyone would've asked, is WHY they'd been suspended, and then gone straight to their personnel department and/or phoned ACAS. I'd note everything down, word for word, so that once a reason HAS been given, your partner can produce evidence if the company haven't acted correctly.
It would be very unusual for his boss not to have a representative present and to request your boyfriend to bring his own representative with him to the office. Most companies would also issue a letter at the time of suspension..
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Yes he did ask why but was not given an answer I haven't seen him yet but will try and find out more once he is home. Thank you.
Is his name Josef K by any chance?

But Compastella's right - you'll shortly find out that your boyfriend is lying. Some sort of sexual deviancy would be my guess.

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Memjet your very bitter, I have read the letter and it does not say why and no that is not his name.
check his hardrive
Any news yet Floragh?

Did you find ACAS helpful?
I'm coming to the conclusion that your silence is speaking volumes.
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Sorry been away. It ended up being internet abuse even though there is only one computer and he is barely on it. The guy who complained does the same job as him and we believe that he found out that my boyfriend is on more money than him. Anyway he quit as it is a v small company and didn't want to feel uncomfortable after that. He has 7 job interviews all for better money which is good.

Thanks for most peoples input.
Hi i been suspended from work following a greivance complaint i put in about the management they have since alleged i have done done somethings that i havent done i have been suspended on full pay and not heard anything at all from my employer since the phone call of my suspension which was 5 days ago

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Suspension from work

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