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dollydoo | 17:52 Wed 16th Apr 2008 | Law
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Do builders have the right to burn their rubbish on site during the day? I have one nearby who is demolishing an old house and then burning the window frames along with other stuff, old boxes etc. black stinking smoke, residents nearby have had to close their windows. The council i'm sure won't be interested but the environment agency might, anyone help?


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The council will be interested - phone them up and speak to the enviromental protection services and complain of nuisance.

This is from my own council's website:

Industrial burning is a far more serious offence but I don't really know if your example qualifies - but it's worth a shot.
Hi there,

I believe that there are a number of things to consider here;

1) Is the area a 'smoke-free' zone?
This can be checked by speaking with your local Environmental Health Officer / Department.

2) Does the man have a licence issued by the Environment Agency in order to burn commercial waste?
It is an offence to burn commercial waste but only in certain ciscumstances and so this is also worth a telephone call. The number for the EA is 08708506506 I think.

Good Luck - Let us know the score please and if this helps :o)

Agree with Ethel. Your remedy lies in the law of Nuisance. But from what I've read your chances of a successful outcome is slim. Again, as Ethel has pointed out, the successful claims are generally not from domestic litigants, and assuming that this problem is of a temporary nature, I don't fancy your chances.

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