blocking my drive!

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georgipooh | 19:42 Tue 15th Apr 2008 | Law
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i know it's illegal to block a drive but does anyone know by how much? my niighbour blocks about a fifth of my drive but as i have one where you drive on diagonally it means i have to get her out eberyday to move her car a foot so i can get out! i have kids and worry that if there was an emergency and she wasn't available i'd hit her car and suffer the consequences! is there anyone who can help me?


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It's not illegal unless you have a dropped kerb, so unless you have, and she is infringing that, there is nothing you can do.

Gotta be honest though, it does seem silly that she keeps on doing it if she knows she'll have to move.
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yes i have a dropped kerb and she parks a fifth of the way on right at the direction where i have to go to get out!
don't want to fall out but frankly it's annoying!
Try tactics - do lots of short trips in one day.

Start early in the morning - and make the last one late at night.

She might get the message.
The problem with obstruction is that you really need to be completely obstructed to get the police interested and even then its unlikely anyone will turn up and, even if they do, they will ask her to move the car before giving her a ticket.

Could you talk with her, explain the problem and achieve a real solution?
It is a bind. Why not get a couple of traffic cones and put them where they need to be to let you in and out. Your neighbour might realise your problem
call and report this to the police every single time it happens
every day?

Is she that retarded? If so she really shouldn't be driving. Surely she'd get fed up of moving the car by now? Or is she doing it to **** you off?
Can you start leaving your car on the road for a while, across your own drive but just far enough so that she has to park further back - a few weeks of this and she may get the message?
Dear oh lord! All this talk about calling the police etc! Have you spoken to her about it? Just have a word.
I dont believe dropped kerbs make any difference at all (according to the law)

As she is obviously stupid and hasn't got the message yet (I'd try talking to her first) everytime she does it call the police - they can issue a ticket or get her car towed away - I bet she would stop doing it then!!!

N.B. If someone is blocking you getting out of your drive then you can call the police to get her car towed
... However if someone is blocking you from getting into your drive then you have no come back at all and can do nothing about it
cant you just headbutt her!
get a SOlicitor to write her a letter........regarding this.... A Solicitor ,,,,,, may say to you cant you compromise with each other..... your reply should be please "send the other party a letter " ...... and within the wording of the letter....get the solicitors to say " if this obstruction continues,,,,,,,you will have no other option than to contact the police " ......... the local constabulary dont like to get invilved in this type of thing,,,,,,as you know just to walk past a solicitor in the strreet costs any letters on your behalf , they send out , will cost, 1 letter only is needed ...
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thankyou all for your advcice, yes i have talked to her- i'm a woman not a man! we tend to talk first, headbutt later! :-)
will give it a last try, although she has been a little better since my sisster came for a day and parked in front of her house, ALL DAY and she has no drive so had to park up the street! ha ha ! thanks to you all!

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blocking my drive!

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