police harassment

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thaione | 04:41 Wed 19th Mar 2008 | Law
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have been stopped by police 30 times in 20 months most times they search my car. make it a mess never find anything because theres nothing to find. i have one conviction when i was 20 for asault. the last time they tore my footrestsin the back of the car ,when i said that was crimnal damage i was told it was done on a search and i cant do anything about it is this right thanks john r "


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No it is not right, but it is not criminal damage either.

The police should take reasonable care when searching property, either under their statutory powers or under a warrant issued by magistrates.

Do you have a log of all the times you were stopped? If so, write to the Borough Commander (whose address you can find on your local police website) expressing your concerns. If you don�t have a log, start keeping one.
Which country are you in?

This is a UK-based site but I note that the time of your posting suggests that you might be in the USA. If so, there probably aren't many people, here on the Answerbank, who know about US laws.

However, assuming that you're in the UK, the police must have reasonable grounds for suspicion of an offence before conducting a search. (The only exception is in certain areas of central London, or at rail stations and airports, where the Secretary of State has given the police special powers under the Terrorism Act 2000). Having previous convictions is not sufficient grounds for 'reasonable suspicion' (e.g. they can't carry out a search for drugs just because someone has previously been convicted of drug-dealing).

Whenever a search is carried out, the police are obliged to give you a written statement of the reason. (Ensure that you get these and retain them for evidence in any complaint you make against the police).

As NJ states, it's not 'criminal damage' if the police damage your property during a lawful search (although it sounds as if some, or all, of the searches you refer to weren't lawful anyway). However, the police are obliged to pay the cost of any repairs which might become necessary through their actions.

what do you drive? a batmobile?

must be conspicuous

i drive over 70 thousand miles a year and have not been stopped at all by the police for certainly over 30 years,

and i dont hang about!

do you have a history of being naughty or something?

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Hi thanks for your replys.i drive a 745il bmw which i have owend for 5 years,and 3.5 years never been stopped untill july 2006 .i also have not been stopped in over 30 years, till this started in the last 12 months i have received 5 speeding tickets and banned from driving. all from the same police force .i also drive about 30 k a year and had 1 ticket speeding untill now,strange thing these all come from the same county i live in, and i can tell you the location of every one in the county. since i was banned i have employed a driver who is 30 year old female who is a very good driver and only drives the car with me in it,what a suprise when in 4 weeks theres been 2 more tickets rear view camera . and no i am not a naughty boy thanks for your replys.anyone know a good lawer in bedfordshire?john
hi this happened to a friend of mine a few years ago ,when you get a ban and they see the car on the road they give you the pull over in case you are driving while banned best thing you can do is sell the car and get another one.this should stop the car which you are travelling in getting pulled over.
i guess the vehicle is registered to you Thione ?... i mean even if you have been banned , as long as you have served your ban , on that reason alone , the Police do not have exceesive suspicion to stop you "for being behind the wheel while being disq." - as you say - When they s"stop you" / pull you over they probably wont know , about you have BEEN A DISQUAL?DRVR OR A LONG AGO CONVICTION FOR ASSLT THE ACCESS THIS AFTER THEY HAVE VERBALLY SPOKEN TO YOU < UNLESS THEY HAVE ACCESS TO THIS VIA _ LOG BOOK DETAILS AND KNOW ABOUT THESE DETAILS THAT WAY ? I APLOLOGISE FOR THE CAPTIALS ON THIS ANSWER MY PC WAS PLAYING UP>>>>>> FROM A LEVEL LAW DROP OUT _

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police harassment

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